02C26: Last Quarter Hurdle

Tuesday - Jin Joo Steamed Egg

It's my nephew's birthday today! And wow, how is he already 5 years old? Time truly does fly when it comes to kids and we're all blessed to have him as a part of our lives. He's already a quirky chatterbox in his own right and one can only wonder what he'll be geekily passionate about as he gets older. And you know that I'll do my best to be a super supportive uncle.

Tobie is oddly mute due to an annoying (and painful) combination of sores and a potentially bad throat as well. We're talking more via chat than verbally, but that's not a real barrier to communication. But it will make for a rather quiet board game session. 

Beyond that, it's a pretty busy start to the month - and not just because of all the craziness from the weekend. It is the beginning of the last quarter of the year after all, so that means needing to settle a lot of different things at work. There's wrapping up this year but also planning for next year - all of which are on top of the usual day-to-day stuff that we all need to get through. 

So I'm wishing everyone all the luck they need to get through what will probably be an increasingly busy time for all of us.

Last note - it looks like we're going to have crummy weather this week. Typhoon Jenny is pretty far north, but not far enough to not have an effect on the weather in our area. The contrasting heat and humidity directly feed into sudden downpours which is bound to complicate things for everyone in Metro Manila. I don't want to have to test our new UPS units anytime soon, but I am thankful that I had settled that sooner rather than later. Another reason to wish everyone luck, I suppose.