02C3B: Recovery Ramp Up

Tuesday - North Park Congee

I'm doing a lot better now than yesterday. Things were still a little rough when I woke up but once I got past my first Loperamide for the day, things settled down. I've largely been in control today but things are still delicate. I indulged and ordered some North Park congee for dinner (as opposed to the plainer lugaw I've been having until this time) but that did make me want to go to the bathroom a bit more, so I'm clearly not fully healed. At least the meds have reached sufficient levels to help me keep things under control. 

That said, I was a lot more functional at work today than yesterday. I was able to attend meetings without interruptions and I got things done, so that was a relief. I still didn't feel 100% though and I know I still wasn't at normal efficiency. Or maybe I was just grumpy since I hadn't had coffee for a few days.

The only weird bit is that my heart rate was higher than normal at several points of the day. Given I haven't been exercising ever since the stomach bug hit me, it has been a struggle to hit my active heart rate targets. But today I hit that number mid-way, which means my heart rate has been spiking repeatedly throughout the day. I'm not quite sure why - maybe it's related to the meds or something. I didn't feel particularly stressed - just uncomfortable more than anything else.

With luck, my stomach will be settled enough tomorrow so that I no longer need meds and can go back to eating more flavorful food and get back on keto at the same time. I hate not being on keto hahaha