02C42: Sick Day

Tuesday - Gamegenic Cards' Lair 400+

Wow. So I really got sick. My temperature first exceeded 37.5 mid-day yesterday and peaked at around 39 last night. I was at least 38 for most of the night and the fever only really broke some time this morning. I'll still taking paracetamol to help manage things but I'm glad that I got past it...whatever this is.

I haven't felt this bad in a long time. Things were bad enough that I didn't hit my steps yesterday and I probably won't hit them again today. I was in bed yesterday right after my last meeting for the day and I spent a better part of the morning also in bed. This totally knocked me out. 

I'm still feeling a little off, but at least the fever is gone - or it's at least under control. I was able to catch up with my more urgent work stuff during the second half of the day, so tomorrow won't be so overwhelming. I just hope this clears fully. Being sick is such a hassle.

Funny bit - one of the speculations was that my fever could have been the "keto flu" that is known to happen when you first drop your carb intake to zero. I went through something similar way back when I first started on keto but it didn't feel this debilitating back then. So Tobie had me relax keto again today, which is now part of our SOP when I get sick. I had a McDonald's breakfast (what happened to the longanisa meal?!?) and tonight I finally got to try a Shake Shack burger (definitely a hype burger). Small pleasures on a crummy day.