02C30: Friday Spot Update

Friday - Halloween Decor

We'll be heading to O Bar shortly, so I don't have a lot of time for a longer blog post.

I've been waking up later than I'd like all week - or at least I've been actually getting out of better later than I should. That has resulted in a lot of condensed workouts in the morning, but at least I still make sure to do something before I start my work day. It's far from ideal, but it's still something.

The weekend ahead is busy with a birthday celebration that begins tonight at O Bar and will end on Sunday morning after a full night of board games with friends. But hey, it's the perfect kind of birthday, in my opinion. It helps that our O Bar friend circles overlap with our gaming friend circles to some degree.

Oh, and we started watching Yumi's Cells this week and it's a cute K-Drama even if the animation is really weird. It's not on the level of something like Cells at Work, but it plays on similar themes even if the presentation is more emotional than biological.

Happy weekend, folks. More tomorrow.