02C2E: Wednesday Scribbles

Wednesday - Sinigang

Today is National Coming Out Day - but the "national" bit here refers specifically to the US. Regardless, I'll always speak to the importance of coming out while also acknowledging that this remains a personal choice. There is never a "perfect time" for someone to come out, but either way, it'll be a relief from a lot of pressure and pent-up stress from living the double life of someone in the closet. So I'll always support those who decide they're ready to come out. We welcome you with wide open arms.

I had a pretty good workday. There were some things I had been working on slowly over the past few days but today I felt like I had the right head space to really sit down with it. And just dedicating time to it was enough to clear things and help me end the day in a better place. There were other things that needed to be addressed as is the case with any other work day but things all went pretty well. It was a good Wednesday.

Tonight is also our long-overdue online RPG session for Invisible Sun. This was supposed to be a weekly game, but things have been rather eventful recently so we had to reevaluate the feasibility of a weekend schedule. Now it's going to be a bi-weekly game, which is still a generous amount of gaming.

My other distraction as of late is the fact that the new Doctor Who cards for Magic: the Gathering will officially be released this week. I've managed to stay away from Magic for decades now and this marks the first time I'll actually have new cards in hand. It's a minor distraction that the cards are themed to a completely different IP and it'll be massive Commander decks that support a whole other play format that I've never actually tried before. I don't think I'm going to resume regular MTG purchases beyond this, but we'll see how things go. If they made proper decks for their Transformers cards, I'd probably go for it. And I narrowly managed to avoid picking up the Lord of the Rings cards released earlier, but we'll see how things go. 

Happy Hump Day, folks.