02C39: Entanglements

Sunday - O Bar Halloween Table

The challenge of the entry of all these drag competition TV shows like Drag Race Philippines is that with every season, a lot of the long-time O Divas end up appearing at the bar less frequently since they have more projects outside. Thus, we put a bit more priority on attending any special events that O Bar stages since they're when those queens are most likely to perform again. This adds a bit of a reunion aspect to such shows beyond whatever else we're celebrating that night.

Case in point, last night's Halloween Liberation Party included special guest performers like DRPH Season 1 Miss Congeniality Lady Morgana, but also the likes of Turing, who hasn't appeared at O Bar in months. It was great to see her on stage again but it was also an extra delight to be able to catch up with her after the show, as is the habit. In addition, the event brought a number of other DRPH Season 2 queens to the bar as part of the audience including once-O Diva and DRPH Season 2 winner Captivating Katkat. I haven't had a chance to speak to her in person since her Season 2 win and we had a fun bit of catching up when she dropped by our table after the first set.

Many events of the night just stress how intertwined our lives are with O Bar and the many people who have worked or performed there. They're all part of a special extended family, perhaps one that not every "Obarian" has gotten to experience, but one that we certainly treasure. We have seen many grow as artists and we've witnessed staff grow their families over the years. And we definitely treasure these connections dearly. 

The other "entanglement" I wanted to write about involves another silly Sietch story. Both Tobie and I were still feeling pretty heavy after last night's drinking and thus we weren't in the mood to cook dinner for ourselves. So I was skimming Foodpanda while we were wrapping up our online RPG session for the day and right after the game ended I brought up the question of dinner.

I had taken a look at Pho Hoa, which would have been great for a hangover but not great for keto, so I toggled back to the search. But then Tobie started talking about how I should probably consider relaxing keto today and having a good hearty meal to help me feel better. We discussed the merits of this for a bit until I finally told Tobie that he should just say aloud what meal he had in mind that would fit the bill nicely. I had asked this because I had s sinking feeling that Tobie and I were on the same page, and yes - he suggested that we order pho for dinner. 

Ever since we first started dating, we'd have moments of perfect alignment like this time and time again, which in turn became one of the clearest indicators that maybe we should look into getting together for real. This has included things like me waking up with a song in my head only to find out Tobie was listening to that song at that time or many moments like this that go beyond just finishing each other's sentences. You could say that it just speaks to how alike we are or how well we know one another, but the actual experiences still surprise us. 

But yeah, we're truly stuck with each other because of this intangible connection between us.