02C36: Short on Time

Thursday - Soup

It has been a rather busy week and Tobie and I haven't quite had the chance to try out any of the new Doctor Who Magic decks nor have we gotten to try any of our newly arrived board games like Apiary. At the very least, we did squeeze in a Board Game Arena session of Tapestry with a friend the other night and yesterday we still had our Invisible Sun RPG online session despite being down a player. Juggling the serious real-life stuff (work) with the things we actually want to do (be geeks) is always a bit of a struggle, but we find ways to make it all work.

But this has been the sort of week where I feel like I'm super falling behind on my reading. At one point I had caught up with my backlog and was at-pace for my end-of-year goal in Goodreads. But now I'm again at least 10 books behind and struggling to figure out when to find the time to squeeze in more reading. Oh the foolishness of my self-imposed goals. 

I could ramble on a bit longer, but I promised myself that I'd work on some O Bar videos tonight. We have the big O Bar Halloween event this Saturday, which means I'm going to add another 30+ videos to my queuem which is still teeming with original O Bar drag performances and other shows of interest. Hooboy.