02C3A: Unfortunate Downtime

Monday - Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding Game

Shortly after yesterday's family book club meeting, my stomach started to churn and I had to urgently go to the bathroom. And that heralded the beginning of many, many, many trips to the bathroom and my increasing internal distress. I'm used to needing to go to the bathroom a bit more after a full O Bar night, but after the first few trips in quick succession (that interrupted our online RPG session), I had come to the conclusion that this was something else.

The last time I had been hit by a stomach bug, I had tried to stay keto and relied on Loperamide to help settle my stomach - much to Tobie's annoyance. This time around I immediately relented and started incorporating sports drinks to help me rehydrate among other things. Today I've largely been on a lugaw and crackers diet as not to aggravate my stomach further along with apples and bananas. I'm feeling a lot better now (as I write this) versus most of the day, which is an achievement of sorts.

I really want to get through this soonest, especially with Tobie out of town for a work thing. It sucks to be feely sucky without direct support, but Tobie did make sure to help me stock up on supplies to fight this thing before he left for the airport. 

I tried to get some work done, but the repeated bathroom runs really ate into my productivity and just added to my general feelings of frustration. After work, I at least got to sleeve all the pending Legendary expansions as a therapeutic distraction and then set about shifting them over to the new BCW 3,200 Card Bins. I had used the website's guide for how many sleeved cards it could hold to determine how many I needed for this particular game. But now that I've actually moved the cards over, it seems that I have at least one full both leftover. To be fair, I still had to leave some cards in the original base game box as these BCW bins don't provide a solution for storing the game's original board. But the empty row at least gave me a place for the Villains playmat with room to spare.

I feel like I lost too much of today to feeling crappy (literally). I hope tomorrow fares better.