02C25: Masks Mostly Off

Monday - Jin Joo Doenjang Jjigae

Given our theater-focused weekend, I realized somewhat belatedly that we didn't bother to wear masks during either show. We've generally relaxed our mask use for most day-to-day things, but we have been choosing to err on the side of caution for enclosed events like movies and plays. But yeah, it slipped my mind this weekend and it has been that way for a while now. I'll have to think about it.

Overall, we're hearing masks very infrequently. We've even stopped wearing masks when we go to O Bar given we tend to keep them off most of the night even when we bring them along. There's still a significant risk of COVID-19, no doubt about that. But I guess we're at a point where the level of risk feels somewhat acceptable and we just go for it. 

Funnily enough, my most consistent mask use is whenever I go down to pick up deliveries or other packages. Elevators still make me pretty nervous and I figure it doesn't take that much effort to slip a mask on before taking the elevator. I've literally worn a mask in the elevator when I'm heading out for errands but I'd take it off once I'm past the lobby. But I've been caught without a mask in the elevator during instances where I thought the risk of sharing the elevator was low and it would turn out otherwise. 

How about you? When do you folks still choose to mask up?