02C31: It's Niki Day!

Saturday - Niki's Birthday

Today is the birthday of our very dear friend Niki. He is actually a friend to many, which speaks to his diverse interests and just what a great and likable person he is. We often joke that one can play Six Degrees of Niki within Metro Manila, but I also suspect that he already has regional or even global connections to keep the game feasible. 

We're spending over 24 hours celebrating Niki starting with last night's O Bar night and extending into tonight's FGTC overnight board game session. He had already invited a good number of friends from his different social circles to party at O Bar last night (3 tables total!) and today's activity will bring in yet another of the social circles that we share. That makes things all the more fitting, I suppose.

We also have an out-of-town member of our gaming group who is joining us today, so we see to have gotten a little overeager in terms of the number of board games we're bringing to the session. To be fair, we're not gaming in someone's home, which means we won't have the fallback of their personal game collection to augment our game night options. Thus the only games we can play are those that we bring. And as much as everyone brings their own games to contribute to the night, we often bring the lion's share because we always want to move more games in our collection.

So wish us luck! We have a heavy night of gaming and celebrating ahead and I hope we all remind Niki of how much we appreciate him.