02C27: Finales Day

Wednesday - Pork Chop

The finale of Star Wars Ahsoka came out today, and it was pretty great. It's not a complete story - there is the big Filoni crossover movie after all. But it is a solid ending - one that achieves the original goal established at the start of the series even though the ending is not the sort you'd expect. It's not a truly happy ending, but it's not at the level of The Empire Strikes Back or anything.

I'm still feeling very fulfilled. The show was definitely a love story to those who grew to love Clone Wars and Rebels and to some degree the larger Legends universe. It's not the sort of story that will make everyone happy nor will it easily gain appreciation from more casual fans. But it's still a pretty solid experience and I totally see where this might go - and I'm super excited.

Today we also watched the new Wes Anderson shorts based on different (more adult) Roald Dahl stories. They're part of a Netflix-exclusive release (for now?) and they're all quite fun. Not his best work, but definitely very Wes Anderson while blatantly trying to respect the original text - in this case by using the full stories as the script for each film. It's a rather crazy approach but Anderson made it work somehow. Quite fun.

And then we also had the finale of the second season of Drag Race Philippines tonight. We were, of course, rooting for Bernie and she had a great run but didn't manage to snatch the crown in the end. It was a decent enough season overall and now we'll just have to see how things will develop from here. I hope this won't result in Bernie no longer performing regularly at O Bar, as has been the case for the Season 1 queens who came from O Bar. But yeah, some things can't be helped, I suppose.