02C34: Planeswalking Again

Tuesday - Magic the Gathering Doctor Who

I first got into Magic: the Gathering in my grade school years when the Revised Edition was still on sale and things like the Commander format didn't even exist. I kept up the hobby for a few years probably until around the time of Mirage and then I just moved on. I tried exploring some of the cards every few years like during the Weatherlight and Urza blocks, but I never fully committed to coming back. When I got together with Tobie, the closest we got to getting back into anything that resembled CCGs was investing in Smash Up and later playing Magic using OCTGN.

When they announced Universes Beyond Doctor Who, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist investing. I had skipped out on the few Transformers cards slipped into The Brothers' War and I even skipped the more recent Lord of the Rings expansion also part of the Universes Beyond line. But man, four decks dedicated to Doctor Who? How could I resist?

I pre-ordered them on Amazon since I didn't want to think about queueing at a physical store and risk not getting them. They were all scheduled to arrive this Saturday, but the first two boxes arrived this morning and I'm kinda bonkers for them already. The Blast From the Past deck covers the entire Classic Who area and the first 8 Doctors while the Paradox Power deck covers the two most recent Doctors - the 12th and 13th. They're not the decks I'm most excited about, but they already give one a lot to think about. 

Of course, now I'm thinking about getting proper sleeves for these cards and even proper deck boxes so that I have a more secure way to store them apart from the very modest boxes that came with the Commander decks themselves. I still have to read up a bit more on some of the card mechanics to really get into the swing of things and a proper Commander game involves 4 players and not just 2. But man, I'm pretty excited to give these cards a proper shot. 

We'll see how the week will unfold.