02C37: Friday Assessment


Friday - Eggs

My Dragon Shield card sleeves arrived! And as scheduled, my Doctor Who MTG decks are now ready for play. The deck boxes that came with the Commander sets just barely contain sleeved cards and I had to shift the sleeved token cards and the life trackers to some of the emptied card sleeve boxes. It's a decent enough storage solution for now, but I suspect I will not be content for long and I'm bound to invest in more complex deck boxes eventually.

More than a few friends have offered to help test the decks out since the Commander game format requires a minimum of 3 players with 4 players being the typcially expected format. This is why Commander releases tend to involve 4 different decks - just like this Doctor Who set. We'll see if we can manage a few imbalanced games, even if just between me and Tobie.

I am rather relieved that I didn't get sick, as was my fear earlier this week. I still have a bit of the sniffles and one point my throat started to feel a bit scratchy. But I guess my aggressive regimen of Berocca, lozenges, gargling and cold meds kept the worst of that at bay. On top of that, I also made sure to minimize strenuous exercise this week by limiting myself to yoga as my daily exercise. All this list to get to the weekend intact and ready to subject my body to more physical strain in the name of geekery.