02C3C: Steadier Wednesday

Wednesday - Magic Doctor Who

Quick Health Update: I seem to have recovered from my stomach bug, for the most part. Instead of urgently needing to go to the bathroom, all my bathroom trips today have been...unsatisfying, but at least not urgent. So I've kept off Loperamide for the day to let my stomach relax after yesterday's stress. I stuck to congee today (which at least is a step up from lugaw), although ordering out for delivery was a bit of a challenge today - potentially because of a Grab/Foodpanda rider strike that didn't make the news. At least I feel better and I can handle more complex food again, so if this keeps up I'll lay off the carbs again by tomorrow and shift back to keto.

What I'm most looking forward to is having coffee again. I recognize that this may end up being a major bathroom trigger, but it'll be worth it hahaha!

Apart from getting stuff done at work (and today was a good day), I've been thinking a lot about Magic: the Gathering in anticipation our game night on Friday. We'll finally get to try playing these new Universes Beyond Doctor Who Commander decks and even try the Lord of the Rings Commander decks that another friend will be bringing. Most of us are essentially returning Magic players who haven't been active in the hobby in over a decade or so, which will make things even more interesting. We're precisely the target market for these Universes Beyond cards more than anyone else and I don't mind conceding this point.

While I do feel most of us will have a LOT of Magic terms to catch up on, it's going to be a fun night overall. Magic will only be the opening salvo in tomorrow's games, but we'll see how things go. 

The real cherry on top - Tobie's home.