02C1D: Weekend Heaviness

Sunday - Glass Road

Tomorrow is going to be quite busy given (1) it's a Monday and (2) we have some work backlog that accumulated during our 2-day leadership workshop thing. It's a little stressful just thinking about it, but it is what it is, as the annoying work saying goes. And I'll just get through it with the reassurance that it's still "just" work.

All of our activities for the weekend combined with the generally overcast weather isn't helping me get into an eager mood for Monday. We did enjoy playing board games all night and went through a diverse set of games including Three Sisters, Cascadia, Glass Road, Verdant, and finally Great Western Trail. Then today we had our afternoon online session for Horror on the Orient Express and we had a pretty great session.

I've largely gotten us all caught up with the laundry that had accumulated during the week - all in preparation for Tobie's Malaysia trip this week. After the game, I invested time in folding the earlier loads because I ran another one earlier, and I have one more planned before Tobie flies out on Tuesday.  

The only other complication is that I've been off keto since the workshop since I ate whatever the hotel had prepared. I could have tried to be more adherent, but then that would have meant being hungry by the end of each workshop day and that would really suck. And then with the family complete this week, I've also allowed myself more indulgences in order to properly enjoy the big family meals. I've largely been keto today, but man I still feel so heavy and bloated. It's going to be a very slow trudge to getting back on track and getting my body attuned to eating little to no carbs again. 

But hey, it was totally worth the weekend.