02C22: Friday Lift Hill

 Friday - Cosmos

I got to put on my webmaster hat today and stretch some tech muscles I haven't used in a while. It wasn't anything dramatically complicated, but it did add a bit of novelty to my day. Too much of website work, particularly DNS stuff, involves an annoying degree of waiting for propagation. But hey, we all derive a bit of satisfaction from spamming a refresh button while waiting. There were a lot of other things that I was busy with today, but this was the most memorable bit.

Welcome to the weekend, folks. 

Tobie's flying home tonight and will arrive back in Manila early tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I'm waiting for a few friends to come over to play a few board games and maybe give me an excuse to stay away until Tobie's expected landing time. 

That's probably not a good idea since we have a VERY busy weekend ahead - which is why Tobie took the early flight back. In the afternoon we're watching The Last Five Years over at Circuit, Makati, but then we'll still be going to O Bar that night because it's the birthday show of one of the queens, plus it's always good to end a work trip with a return to O Bar. But then on Sunday, we have our matinee schedule for Hamilton, and now I kind of wish that I had gone for a later schedule.

Needless to say...we're not going to get a lot of sleep. But it definitely looks like we're going to have a lot of very fulfilling experiences ahead. 

In the meantime, I'm trying not to count the hours until Tobie gets home.