02D1A: Work Away From Work

Thursday - Hashtag Aquarium

Off-site workshops can be rather tiring in different ways. Some include a variety of physical challenges as part of the activities. Others just demand a lot of brain power out of you, and extensive mental work can be a different kind of tiring. You're trying to focus on the task at hand, but your mind is also wondering what's going on with your regular tasks back at the office and it makes for a bit of internal discombobulation. 

Even now well after we wrapped up our session for the day, I'm trying to catch up with my work things so I can leave notes for the team come the morning. We still have another full day of workshop stuff and that means I'll just have to trust that things will get done and then I'll catch up with stuff over the weekend to save myself some stress on Monday morning. But I don't really mind in this particular case because I know that the workshop stuff that has taken over these two workdays is more than worth how these sessions will drive our strategies and decisions in the months to come. 

Either way, it's still more than enough work for everyone.

At the very least, I got to see my nephews briefly before we got started with our workshop stuff for the day. And tomorrow I'm bringing a good chunk of our leadership to O Bar, which is always an interesting experience. My only lament in this area is the fact that I haven't had a chance to get the videos from last Saturday's musicals night uploaded and processed, so going to O Bar again tomorrow is just going to add to my virtual queue again.