02D0C: Good Shows

Thursday - Corned Beef and Cabbage

Let's take some time to talk about some great shows this week because the actual headline news items related to the various budget discussions in Congress are just...depressing.

We're about halfway through Ahsoka, the live-action series that is pretty much the spiritual successor of Star Wars: Rebels. Like many other fans, I do wish the episodes were longer instead of the barely over half-hour story chunks we're getting. But I am still generally happy with what we're actually getting. But this is not a very long show and it looks like we're not going to get to any sort of a satisfying resolution within the episodes they have left. I know there's the big Dave Filoni crossover movie coming after but...come on. WE NEED MORE.

On the flip side, Star Trek: Lower Decks made its double-episode season premiere today and both episodes were pretty awesome. Naturally, the first episode with its focus on Voyager was a really strong start and may be one of my favorite bits of Star Trek media ever. But the second episode was still pretty solid and I'm really excited for our newly-promoted Lower Decks crew to see where the season will take them.

Then on the K-Drama side, we just started What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? this week, and it's proving to be crazy funny. I still can't get over that this is the same lead actor as in Itaewon Class, but I suppose it makes sense given how both roles are pretty serious characters. It's just the larger premise that is different but he gets to play things with a similar degree of intensity.

Tonight we're watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, and WOW this art is amazing in this movie. I love all the progress animation is making these days.