02D0D: Friday Mundanity

Friday - Kapalmuks

With all the work-related reading that I've been doing, I feel like I need an output for talking about the things to really stick out to me. I do share some of the key items with some of the chats at work, but at times it feels like I'm just spamming people. I could probably make a habit out of sharing these things on LinkedIn, but I don't have a great track record for engagement on that platform - which isn't atypical for LinkedIn I suppose. It definitely doesn't feel like it's the sort of thing that would go well on my other social networks given my limited circles as well.

It's a modern non-problem, which I kind of embrace because I enjoy these silly conundrums.

The weather has been very weird this week. We started with a lot of rain coming from the weekend, which was a bummer in itself. Then we got some pretty sunny weather, which felt very summery, but weirdly enough that was accompanied by haze around the BGC area. And tonight the rain is pouring again even though I vaguely remember a headline about a solid 3 days of sunny weather. Tonight had clearly broken that streak.

We started the week without firm plans and now we're already in the middle of a game night. Tonight is for regular gaming friends but tomorrow we're having a new friend over to try gaming for the first time, so that'll be a very different experience. We don't have games scheduled for Sunday just yet, but we may take it easy and make that more of a Board Game Arena night.

Other weekend activities include my family book club meeting, a foot spa session, a grocery run, and possibly visiting our respective families. I just home tonight's crummy weather doesn't extend into the weekend. I have a fair amount of walking to do tomorrow as part of my errands and no one wants to walk in the rain.

Happy weekend, everyone.