02C20: Sietch Distractions

Wednesday - Shirataki Tuna Stir Fry

Yesterday I got a lot of sleeving and unboxing done for some different board games. Today I've been clocking several books as read one after the other and that helps make up for falling behind again last week. I am close to the end of Built to Last, so I think I can finish that tonight and go for a full three titles, which would be rather nice.

Other distractions while Tobie is away include exploring Mini Motorways, which is a road-centric game from the folks who made Mini Metro. I gotta admit, I'm enjoying the diversity of upgrade options in this game a bit more versus the original train game for some reason. To be fair, it's the follow-up game that included a lot of learnings from the train version so an evolution is only expected. But at the same time, roads do provide a lot of interesting choices such as if you think adding traffic lights will be enough to manage a busy intersection more efficiently or if you're better off crafting a rotunda and having cars go in and out at their leisure. Definitely a fun little challenge.

Beyond that, it's a quiet night tonight as even our neighbor friend has other plans. My massage meant for tomorrow got rescheduled for tonight, so that's something at least. And then I still have more games to organize in my vain efforts to create more space somehow.