02D19: Mid-Week Celebrations

Wednesday - Mushroom Pasta

This week's episode of Ahsoka was pretty epic. I thought that they wouldn't try to top last week's Shadow Warrior episode, but I was wrong. I thought we wouldn't get the big reveals of our central mystery until the end of the show, but I was wrong there, too. I was generally expecting the Thrawn reveal to happen soon - but the kicker at the end was even more mind-blowing! But I'm happy that they opted to tackle it in this way because, beyond the fan service, it means that we have two episodes that we can dedicate to the more exciting stuff! And I'm still dying to see how they'll show non-Legends fans what an awesome military strategist Thrawn is. 

In other news, the full family is in town this week and I'm glad that we were able to join them for dinner. It'll take a while for the nephews to fully warm up to us, but we have the weekend to look forward to for that. It's not going to be a long stay for them and we still have a lot of work stuff to get through first before we can relax and stuff. But yeah, definitely a lot to look forward to.

But given the work stuff, I do need to wake up early tomorrow in order to get to the meeting venue on time. But I think we'll squeeze in a game or two before bed after we finish this week's episode of Drag Race Philippines. Priorities.