02D0B: Long Wednesday

Wednesday - Pork Adobo

I had a pretty early start to my day and I'm glad that I was still able to fit a decent workout before I clocked in for work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are strictly yoga days but other days, including Wednesdays, are supposed to be a more serious workout and then yoga as a cooldown. I really don't want to skip yoga in the morning since it really helps me get into the right head space at the start of the day. But the other workouts involve mostly bodyweight exercises and maybe (sometimes!) weights or resistance bands. And you know that I've been rather obsessing about my weight again lately and my lack of more immediate progress. Add in the joys of random aches and pains and longer recovery cycles and...you get the picture.

And after the early start, it was quite a long workday as we had a lot to cover. It was productive, which is really my main goal for any day, but no less tiring on that note.

We ended the night with our character creation session for a new RPG campaign. We're exploring a new system called Invisible Sun and it took us most of the night to get us set up, so we'll see how the rest of the game will go. The system is a little intimidating, to say the least, but we have a pretty solid crew of players, so I'm sure we'll figure things out together. And this is going to keep us busy on Wednesday nights for a while and I'm pretty excited. At the very least, I made sure that I've crafted a character that's unique and distinct enough from my two other characters for our other campaigns. And that's important to me so that I make sure I keep each character consistent in terms of how I portray them without too much bleed-through across characters. 

Distinctly gamer problems. LOL