02D06: Extra Friday Time

Friday - Zombicide

 So how did I spend my extra day off from work?

I woke up early enough to help Tobie wake up, but then immediately went back to sleep. Thankfully, I did wake up in time to catch my Fitbit hourly step reminders to avoid missing that first interval. My back was feeling a little tender, so I stuck to yoga today as opposed to anything more strenuous. It was still a good start to the morning.

The main activity for the day involved unboxing two different board games that had arrived this week. The first up was Small Samurai Empires, which is a game I didn't really know much about apart from what I had gleaned from the Kickstarter campaign for its expansion. But I am a completist and a sucker for unique wooden tokens and this game offers adorable samurai-themed figures. The big challenge of opening up a game you don't know very well is how to sort its components to be ready for a first game. Some game inserts are very intuitive and in other cases, the box itself clearly indicates where each piece or card should go. Other inserts are a bit of a mystery in themselves as it's not clear what the designer was thinking. And the last scenario involves a box without an insert, so it's more of a free-for-all.

Small Samurai Empires was definitely the last case - two relatively small game boxes with a lot of stuff in them and some deluxe wooden tokens bundled separately. Thankfully, I was able to fit the components of both the base game and the expansion all in the base game box while still keeping the unupgraded components. I had to review what each cardboard token was for using the manuals just to make sure which ones hadn't been upgraded. 

On the flip side, Zombicide 2nd Edition didn't leave me much room to work as most of the space in the bo was taken up by plastic molds designed to hold all the miniature figures that make up the game. The only thing I had to do was to punch out two sheets worth of tokens and figure out where to squeeze them in given the official insert really didn't leave much room for anything else. It's rather odd that they didn't think that bit through while having a space for pretty much everything else. 

Once Tobie was done with work, we managed a quick grocery run despite the rains. I also got a fair amount of reading in and locked another 4 titles finished, which is also geekily awesome. After this week's episode of Foundation, we're going to spend the night playing board games and hoping the weather doesn't get any worse, I suppose.