02D1B: People Things

Friday - People

For the past two days, we've been mainly discussing different aspects of our people strategy. And let's face it, the people component of any company is both very important but very delicate and nuanced. It's rare that you'll encounter a company that won't say that their people are the heart of their company. Until the AI-empowered robot revolution changes life as we know it, this is pretty much a universal truth when it comes to corporations. And because of all this, people strategy is important to take it very seriously. Everyone wants to be fair to all their people but one also needs to factor in the needs of the company and how to support the organization's growth. At the end of the day, if the company fails then your generous people-focused benefits won't matter anymore.  

People strategy is mainly my thing since I handle operations and I often find myself being pulled between the need to get everything right from the get-go but also needing to rush things out so that we get to implement needed changes more urgently. To be fair, that's true about many aspects of any job, but I guess the burden of knowing that it'll affect people's lives so directly is a big part of the challenge. But I also know that in the long run, all this hard work and stress will be worth it because our core goal is still to do right by our people and make sure we find a path that is good for everyone (including the company) and remains aligned with our core values and purpose.