02C21: Dental Stressors

 Thursday - Sleeping BGC Cat

I spent a lot of time outside the Sietch today, which was certainly different. My day started with an in-person client meeting (within BGC, thankfully) and I had a dental appointment in the afternoon. I had taken the afternoon off for that follow-up cleaning from all my dental work last month and potentially to get myself measured for whatever they're going to stick in the hole in my mouth where my molar was.

My morning was okay. It was VERY sunny, so I took a Grab across BGC to get to my meeting ontime and not sweaty. We had a good discussion and then I had a healthy walk home, including swinging by Salad Stop! to order lunch versus paying the foodpanda delivery fees or whatever.

The afternoon was crazy. By the time I needed to head out for my appointment, it was already pretty overcast so rain felt inevitable. I had brought my regular-sized umbrella (because I'm not big on the foldable ones) and had work walking sandals for comfort and hoped to get to the clinic before the rains started. But that was not the case and MAN did it rain. It wasn't just a drizzle or even a steady shower but eventually became a very significant downpour. My umbrella was doing a decent job of maybe keeping my head and my upper body dry. But I was pretty wet from the waist down and had arrived at the dental clinic rather drenched with very squeaky sandals. 

To add insult to injury, somewhat the dental clinic had messed up my appointment. It seems the other reception person had noted the wrong contact number in their appointment book, so they had contacted someone else to confirm if I was pushing through today and that person said they didn't have an appointment and asked to cancel. So someone else had been scheduled for my appointment slot and the current reception person felt that it was important to me to know every single step of what he had done without first figuring out if I would still be able to see a dentist today or not. I was ready to make a fuss given I had just trudged through the rain for this, but they still accommodated me and the girl who had taken my slot only had a basic cleaning session which ended quite quickly.

The follow-up cleaning was pretty uneventful except for some complications with their equipment here and there. But the sad news was that the dentist felt I needed maybe another month of recovery before they could fit me for something for my extracted tooth. I was kind of hoping to consider a full dental bridge, but the dentist had argued that the neighboring teeth were perfectly fine and I was better off with either a denture or a full implant, which involves a world of difference in terms of costs. So I guess I'm going with dentures...in a month.

The rains had died down while I was in the chair and I made a quick detour to Watsons to get more dental floss because the dentist insisted I needed to floss more since there was some speedy build-up in the short time I was away. I don't understand how this could be the case given how diligently I brush and such, but okay let's go obsess about this aspect of oral health and see how it goes. I literally started searching for articles on "proper" flossing techniques to see if there was anything I could do better because I'm that kind of a person.

The cherry on top was the fact that the rain came pouring down again as I was walking home, so that added to my "water weight" in terms of how wet my shorts were. I was this close to breaking keto and ordering something indulgent to salvage my mood, but prudence prevailed and I just heated up some leftover sinigang in the fridge. Then our friendly neighbor dropped by to chat and we managed to squeeze in a quick game of Tapestry. This was technically my first game using my official set that had just arrived this week, and in-line with the theme of the night I lost by a narrow 10 points. Ah well, things will be better come the weekend...maybe.

I really shouldn't leave the Sietch. LOL