02D08: Gaming Offline and Online

Sunday - Ark Nova

The pandemic lockdown period has certainly trained geeks everywhere to find ways to play board games despite being unable to go out. And thus this weekend's typhoon-empowered weather may have kept us indoors but we still had a lot of geeky fun. 

It's a little funny to me how we had played Ark Nova in person on Friday night/Saturday morning and have since then played a few online sessions of the same game on Board Game Arena. And this weekend has included trying out a few games that we don't have physical copies of including Villages and Next Station: London, the last being a game that doesn't drive me as crazy as other transit-related roll and write games like Metro X

Ever since Tobie got started on BGA, we've been actively encouraging friends to get on the gaming platform as well just to increase the likelihood of more games. This past week alone has involved a good number of friends joining us for online board game sessions on BGA and I expect even more in the weeks to come. And just a few weeks of me and Tobie being on BGA has dramatically increased our logged game count based on the stuff I track via the BGG app. So that's cool too.

It is funny that I have a bit of a desire to play digital versions of games we own physical copies of. The easy reason is to help drive up our stats for these games. But there's also the curiosity to see how the BGA folks tackled implementing the app as a digital experience. Lastly, there's just the joy that it means we can play things quickly without needing to dig the game out from whichever shelf it's on and deal with all that stuff. I don't mind when we have guests over for our game nights. But when it's just me and Tobie, these digital games are a check of a lot more convenient all around.

As for the rest of today, we did in fact get to push through with our Pendragon RPG session via Google Meet. I feel good that I had actually cooked lunched today even if I still ordered out for dinner. And then Tobie and also made time to cut our hair so that we're nice and decent for the workweek ahead.