02D0A: Weekend Openings

Tuesday - Sayote and Mushrooms

September is starting out as a pretty heavy month at work. Maybe it's just the end-of-August workload compounded by the long weekend last weekend. But it does feel like there's a lot going on - or at least I have a big initiative that needs to get moving this month and I'm feeling the crunch. At the bare minimum, I have enough to work with to cover most of our employees, which is fine. But there are still outliers that are troubling me that I'll need to address somehow despite varying dependencies delaying my progress. 

And all this is just the first step of a larger process that I am also driving. A comes before B but more people are aware of (or directly impacted by) B and thus I'm getting more inquiries about B when I'm still trying to get A off the ground. It's totally understandable and I can't complain as this is a people thing more than anything else. But at times it does feel like something that I had a bit more help with versus me trying to push things along on my own.

Yesterday we realized that our weekend schedule is largely empty because of how the monthly calendar has come out. Typically we have RPG sessions on Sundays and games on other days, but we entered this new week with a clean slate. The typical Sunday RPG had to move around because of schedule conflict that had come up and Saturday was just empty because I had yet to plan anything. At least we've settled something for Friday, so we're good there. And Sunday can easily pivot into family time, so that's good. 

The real question is what to do with our Saturday beyond my family book club meeting. Naturally, we'd like to invite a friend or two over for games, but a big schedule opening like this does open the door to inviting someone outside of our regular circles as part of our trial game sessions. We're always on the lookout for more players to bring into our gaming circulation and that means quasi-auditions under controlled conditions - e.g. no other players. Inviting people newer to the hobby is always tricky as we want to make sure they get to experience the width and breadth of the modern gaming hobby but also not feel overwhelmed by the potential complexity of some of the games. 

Then again, the weather has still been acting up this week, so that may discourage folks from venturing out. At the very least, maybe we can fall back to some Board Game Arena gaming with friends should we get strong rains again.