02D0F: Instant Online Gaming

Sunday - Vast the Mysterious Manor

As much as we had already played a lot of board games online during the lockdowns thanks to dedicated apps mainly on Steam, Board Game Arena is really opening doors. And I guess the fact that it is browser-based is making it crazily accessible to our different gaming friends. Plus most folks can manage with the free account as long as one person has a premium account to speed things along - but many of the friends who have started to explore the platform have also opted to get premium accounts because we're kind of nuts that way.

So after yesterday's canceled game night, I thought we were just going to sit down and learn a new board game or two. But one thing led to another and we ended up playing board games online on BGA and that helped to make up for the change in plans. It started with three of us playing Ark Nova, then we grew to a group of 4 to play Tapestry, and then a final game of Ark Nova after one friend had to go to bed. It truly is a gift that we have an easy way to play these big box board games together and the system isn't proving too difficult for different people with different computer setups and internet connections to manage. And the game library is big enough to open a lot of doors, although we find that it's still good to maintain an open video call during games to address any clarifications related to the rules of whatever we're playing. 

The weekend is almost over and we have time for a game or two or perhaps time to learn one new game before bed. We got the grocery shopping done earlier and then we just got food to bring home for a late lunch while watching another episode of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?. And now as I finish up this blog post, we're getting started on Jury Duty, and man, it's pretty funny. 

Good things for now. Then back to work tomorrow for the serious stuff.