02D0E: Good Weekend Things

Saturday - Dune Imperium

Our Saturday gaming plans didn't push through, which is just as well as Friday night already took a lot out of us. We still met up with what has become a regular Friday gaming group and played a good number of games. But then I still had to wake up pretty early for our bi-weekly family book club meeting and so I totally didn't get enough sleep this morning.

For the game night, we had some unusual achievements. First, we finally finished our quasi-campaign to play through all of the cards that come with Fabled Fruit. It took us about 25 separate games to do this with four players and it was certainly quite the experience overall. We had also tracked scores across the journey and I narrowly managed to win the overall stats and won the final game as well. After that, our games for the night included the new gem that is Wild Tiled West along with a lengthy session of Rococo. One of our guests won the prior game and of course, Tobie won Rococo. And finally, the last survivors of the night played through a full session of Dune Imperium and I still managed to win at the end - but it was very close. 

Family book club has really become a highlight of our family interactions, even if most of the stuff we've read hasn't been particularly memorable or notable. We're a fairly diverse group in terms of book interests, which makes for pretty good discussions. Today we had to catch up on the delayed discussion on Lessons in Chemistry now that everyone has finished it and had our first meeting for Smaller and Smaller Circles. Overall, it's really the meetings that make having a book club fun more than the actual reading. We're all pretty voracious readers regardless and so we're all reading stuff anyway. This just gives us a bit of focus and a framework for having regular video calls together.

Our plans for tonight were cancelled since the new friend we were going to have over had something come up. We should try to make time to learn some new games since it's just me and Tobie - it's just a question of whether we'd play physical copies of the games or just rely on Board Game Arena or something.

Or we could just sleep. Sleep would be great as well.