02D12: Little Wins

Wednesday - Pork Sinigang

I'm happy that I finally got over a big hump in terms of one of the projects I'm managing. It's too early to celebrate - this is just the first step that is more public-facing versus all the others that I've been working on over the past few weeks. But we've reached that point where we just need to get the ball rolling and see how all this will work - perfection being the enemy of progress and other related business cliches. And it has taken me years to get better at giving up on excessive preparations and just letting the cards play out as they will. So all the more today felt like a pretty successful day. 

Let's just hope the rest of this process goes smoothly. There are too many interconnected moving parts that I'll need to watch over, so that's going to be a lot of fun. But I still have high hopes for all this - it should be more helpful to everyone in the longer term.

In lighter news, the fifth episode of the Ahsoka live-action series was soo good! Apart from the fan service that is experiencing The Clone Wars in live-action, there's just so much to unpack in that whole sequence with "Anakin" and I just wish I had more people to geek out with about all this. But that would mean people who have gone through the whole animated journey across Clone Wars and Rebels to fully appreciate the level of geekery Dave Filoni has given fans everywhere. I am glad they made the investment to make this a 50-minute episode. I've been a bit worried at how little we can cover with the shorter 30-ish minute episodes we've been getting after the premiere stuff and longer episodes like this really go a long way.

Finally, tonight is our first formal RPG session for a new Invisible Sun campaign and I'm both excited and a bit nervous. We had invested time to craft our characters last week, but it always takes me a bit more time to actually a feel for a character in-game. And I've never been one to do a lot of preparation work beforehand. There's something about going with your gut during the game itself and letting the initial character framework guide your role-playing. Then it eventually makes sense once you find that voice. And I'll figure out Gregori's perspective soon enough.