02D1C: Social Battery Drain

Saturday - Peking Duck

I've been working from home since the first lockdowns and even as the world has "re-opened", we've remained as a remote-first company. And so when I do have to report for any sort of in-person activity, it can feel surprisingly draining. And I think we're all feeling that lethargy today after two full workshop days and team dinners and whatnot. Throw in the fact that we got to bring some of the leaders to O Bar last night and it's really been an eventful two days.

To balance things out, our main agenda for the day was a big family lunch. We weren't quite 100% complete since some of us were feeling under the weather, but we still made the most of it. Lunch was awesome but the interactions around the table were even better and I'm glad we got to share a meal and good time together. We would have tried to spend the rest of the day together but I guess the overall weather situation is pulling us all down. 

I tried to hang out with the newphews a bit after lunch but ended up nodding off on the couch. I still woke up from time to time when the older one would literally pry my eyes open and laugh in my face. I'm too much of a sucker to get mad at that sort of thing. 

But now Tobie and I are back home and a friend had come over for board games, which is always a welcome respite. Tobie will be traveling next week, so we'll definitely want to get our game time in before we separate. We'll fall back to Board Game Arena on the nights he's out and then we'll get back to our normal routine by the weekend.