02D11: Small Screen Entertainment

Tuesday - Pork Chop

We just got to the end of Jury Duty on Prime Video and I'm pretty surprised at how well that ended. Tobie had a lot of complaints about how the confessionals felt weird since we as viewers know everyone is an actor so why were they still doing confessionals in-character and out of view of the subject Ronald? But when you just ride with these quirks, the show as a whole really comes together and it has a delightful ending. In that regard, it didn't feel like a malicious show and they didn't make a fool of their unwitting subject, which is a nice "twist" of sorts. 

I finally opted to queue the show up for viewing since I'm listening to an audiobook about the history of the US version of The Office, and I figured watching this show (whose creative team included producers from The Office) would be sort of similar in feel? And I totally get how the show shares similar DNA as a lot of the things they had learned making The Office were clearly applied here to some extent. But...I still want that re-watch. And that'll probably lead to a need to re-watch Parks and Recreation as well because they're both such good shows.

It's not like there's any shortage of good TV these days. Beyond new shows that are still airing, we have also burdened ourselves with the wonders of Korean television and we're still playing catch-up there. 

I'm next going to have us take a stab at the second season of the Wheel of Time series even though we've never gotten into the books. The show has been interesting enough thus far, but it hasn't quite inspired sufficient curiosity in me to try the books again. To be fair, the one time I tried reading it was back in high school when my mom and I tried to give the book series a chance. Maybe I'll have a better appreciation for it now. But...that'll have to wait until I at least finish The Dominion War quadrology of Star Trek books.