02C1E: Tobie's Pre-Flight Day

Monday - Sariwon

As expected, it was a pretty busy Monday. It wasn't unreasonably busy and I got through my task list with only some minor complications. There's still a lot that needs to get done because there's always a lot that needs to get done. But we'll continue to work through things as steadily as possible.

Tobie's flying off to Malaysia tomorrow and we're largely prepared at this point. I ran multiple loads of laundry this weekend to make sure that he has access to whichever clothes he wants to bring along and we even did a last run for travel supplies. There's enough produce in the fridge so that I can cover feeding myself while he's away with minimal need to leave the Sietch until around the time he gets back. 

It's a relatively short trip as Tobie won't even be away for a full week. But we always get this fussy before either of us has a trip. Being away means a million scenarios run in my head and I get crazy worried that I'll lock myself out of the condo while he's away. But hey. we really shouldn't worry all that much. But being overprepared is better than not taking sufficient precautions and all that. 

In the meantime, I'm also trying to figure out how to keep busy. We'll still try to catch one another online and watch shows together or play board games together via platforms like Board Game Arena. Or I could certainly use the time to get more reading done. Besides that, I also now have two O Bar nights' worth of videos to process and countless photos waiting in queue. I also have some ideas for how to condense some of our board game expansions into their main boxes, provided I make the time to optimize their storage. And with even more board games arriving, we totally need all the space that we can get.

Feel free to drop me a line or something while Tobie's away. I'm generally good for a chat after regular work hours.