02D18: Tuesday News(-ish)

Tuesday - Pork Steak

Blogger is being weird tonight as it won't let me upload a photo for this blog post for some reason. I'll come back to this later when things are working again. 

Minor update: I've set up an account on Bluesky just for the heck of it, As X/Twitter is increasingly being a terrible place. I mean, it wasn't the best social platform before, but Musk's latest idea of possibly charging people for the use of the platform in a weird move to combat bots. It's a pretty flimsy reason as we all know he remains desperate to find a way to monetize the platform. In any case, needing to pay for a social network, especially what X/Twitter has become since Musk has taken over, is a pretty ridiculous notion. But I don't necessarily think that another social network stands a chance of taking over from X should the platform collapse. Threads tried to capitalize on the instability but that place lacks decent activity. Bluesky shows some promise given the high-profile users who have joined, but its invite-only structure is still limiting its growth and the Filipino community seems pretty limited thus far. 

We got the grocery shopping done after work today, but it was a limited run because our schedule is a little weird over the next two weeks and we won't be cooking as much. I have on-site meetings with our leaders this week and next week Tobie has a trip, so that'll mean a fewer shared meals. We'll probably need to order out a bit here and there and still pick up consumables (mainly lettuce and other perishables) before Tobie's trip, but one way or another we'll make it work. 

Last fun update, my pledge from the Point City + Deep Dive Kickstarter arrived this morning. But I had kind of went all-in for this particular pledge because on top of the games that were actually part of the project, I added on pretty much every major release from Flatout Games in recent years. Funnily, we haven't played any of these games just yet. But I've heard good things about a number of them and even my parents have been playing a fair amount of Cascadia. But what really cemented the deal was this awesome triple review by Shut Up & Sit Down that really convinced me it was worth the gamble.

Plus I'm a bit of board game completist. Just a little.