02C1F: Tapestry Liberation

Tuesday - Tapestry

Guys, our copy of Tapestry and all of its expansions finally arrived. I had ordered them back in July with the hope that they'd arrive in time for my birthday, but Customs shenanigans resulted in more than a month of delays. And in the end, it took asking friends for contacts at Customs to finally get the parcel moving. I hate going outside of official channels for things like this, but in this case, it became absolutely necessary. 

I'll admit that I was already steeling myself for the possibility of "losing" all this to the Customs office. It's partly my fault for getting everything in one go - it increased the value of the delivery to the point that it became a more tempting target for inspectors or whatever. We really need to stay well below the official threshold to avoid complications like what happened. 

...which is exactly what I'm thinking of doing since there are a few other things I kinda want from the same Australia-based supplier. It feels silly to even think about this so soon after my lengthy postal ordeal. But...gaming is a hobby that brings out the crazy sometimes.

Tobie left for his trip today and I guess Tapestry has been my main companion. I even ordered sleeves for the games just today and had already sleeved all the cards before dinner. Our neighbor friend joined me for dinner at least and so I had someone to talk to for a while. I still have a lot of things that I want to get done before Tobie gets back so we'll see how much I can accomplish. I'm already falling behind though given I really should have kept this blog post short.

Anyway, be happy for my contribution to our continuing storage issues at the Sietch haha.