02D14: More Customs Nonsense

Friday - Konjac Pasta

So I've seriously fallen in love with the game Tapestry and I eagerly arranged to buy the game and all its expansions in time for my birthday. I ordered about a month ahead and it arrived in-country by the first week of August.

And it has been there ever since under some customs hold.

Initially, I kept following up with Stonemaier Games, but their logistics partner could only advise me to get in touch with our local post office. Getting through to the main PhilPost hotline is next to impossible and they didn't reply to any of my emails. Finally, a friend was able to get the contact information for the Bureau of Customs and so I reached out to them instead.

I only got to email them this week and today would have been the minimum threshold for me to try calling their hotline. But this morning, the postman arrived and had two envelopes containing the same letter. After more than a month, I finally had my first notice that the BOC was requesting additional documents for my package, but it was dated all the way back to 10 August. But the stamps on the envelopes that indicated its progress through the postal system indicated they were only processed no earlier than the last week of August. 

It's now mid-September and the latter has taken more than a month to get here it has some big reminder that I have 30 days to comply with their request for additional documents. The signatory of the letter indicated a phone number I could call...and the number can't be reached.

So I've forwarded the same email I sent to the first two BOC email addresses to the email addresses on the letter. Thus far, 3 of the four email addresses supposedly associated with the department are Gmail addresses, which feels totally legitimate. My first email got a template response a day later and today's email got a similarly crafted response. So I guess that's something.

I just hope they haven't actually disposed of the game yet. That would be a terrible shame, so please help muster all your positive energies to get the BOC to be just a wee bit more efficient, no matter how much they decide to charge me in customs duties.