02D16: Weekend Anchors

Sunday - FGTC Family

Our monthly meet-up with our FGTC gaming friends is probably one of our most important scheduled sessions on our regular calendar. It's typically the first to get scheduled ahead of time and as much as possible we treat it as the priority schedule. But last night was one of the rare times that we had to do a split night where we only gamed for a few hours and then had to make our way to O Bar for an event night. For context, we'd typically game all the way until sunrise, but last night was one of those nights that we had to juggle both activities. I'm glad that we still made time for them as we had a birthday in the group to celebrate and, of course, we had a lot of geeky fun.

The O Bar night was hard to avoid because it was a night dedicated to performances based on different musicals. They hold these musical nights sporadically throughout the year and of course, we totally love them given what geeks we are for show tunes. And the O Bar performers have only gotten better at their efforts to recreate or at least pay tribute to those big-budget shows including some very creative mash-ups. And last night's line-up of performances did not disappoint. It was a crazy good time.

Today's Horror on the Orient Express game didn't push through but Tobie and I still had a good Sunday. Beyond the needed rest, we got to watch Past Lives, played a round of Ark Nova on Board Game Arena, and then tried out a new game called Three Sisters after a Sariwon dinner. 

Back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a bit of a crazy workweek for both of us.