02D17: Power Contingencies

Monday - Pork Adobo

Apart from my usual keto supplies, my 9.9 purchases included two UPS units for the Sietch. For one reason or another, we've been experiencing power outages in recent months, which has been rather troubling. The biggest concern is that losing power at night means Tobie's CPAP stops working. Beyond a rude awakening, it's also not great for his health. And the last two power outages really go me worried about this.

The condo provides limited power during outages as part of a "convenience circuit" that we need to manually toggle. But this only really covers a particular set of sockets in the middle of the unit and one light in the living room. So I figured two UPS units would be sufficient for our needs. One is dedicated to keeping Tobie's CPAP active. The other one is for our internet modem and landline phone unit. The convenience circuit has proven sufficient to help us keep our devices charged during such moments but the router is too far away. And trying to get some work done via mobile data, even Globe's supposed 5G connection, is still such a painful experience. Hence the decision to get a UPS just to maintain WiFi.

Each device is rated to last about 6 hours, which is sufficient time to get through a bad night or at least settle the bulk of needed work for a day, maybe. With luck, we won't really need them all that often. But I'm not holding my breath - with prices going up and this administration being...very lackluster, things don't seem to be on a path to get that much better anytime soon.

Last note: while moving things around in order to make a place for the different UPS units, there were a good number of surprise things I bumped into. The Sietch holds a lot of geekery from across our shared time as a couple. A lot of these things haven't really been active since we moved here, which says a lot about our need to get rid of things in order to free up space for newer things. 

Such is our geeky, pack rat life.