02CFA: Night and Day Gaming

Sunday - Ark Nova

We definitely had a good game night last night. We had to wait for Tobie to get home from his event, but from there we got to play all the way until sunrise given the games we ended up playing as they were all relatively complex.

Our first game of the night was Atiwa, which is a rather fascinating Uwe Rosenberg game that tries to capture the interesting relationship between people and Ghana and fruit bats. The bats help new trees grow when they eat fruit and discard the seeds and this game nicely translated that into a game mechanic. Then we tried a new game also by Uwe Rosenberg, this being Hallertau. This Bavarian game was rather strange initially as it involves weird mechanics like how the number of workers you have access to is determined by what number is showing in the window of your community center and a lot of bonus card actions chaining. But it was a lot of fun to play and I think everyone liked the experience despite the complexities.

Finally, our last big game was Ark Nova, and it took quite a while to get through this given a full table of 4 players. But I still love this game a lot and I'm reconciling the joys of the tabletop experience versus the convenience of the online implementation on Board Game Arena. We'll still want to play the physical versions of all of our games, but there's no denying how the online version does streamline things including keeping track of points and automatically triggering all the different game effects. 

Given how late we had slept, it was still a good thing that we managed to wake up just after noon, which gave us time to rush a grocery run. As we had speculated, the shelves were much better stocked today versus our usual Monday night run and we had a better experience overall. There was no time to eat at the mall given the time and our afternoon Pendragon RPG session, but I'm still glad that we managed to work it into our schedule. We have to make this shift more permanent in the long term in order to accommodate shifting priorities at the Sietch - more on that in future blog posts, I suppose.

Sunday is almost over and I'll still have half a day of work despite the holiday. Tobie has the day off, but it's a regular working day for me. My only reprieve is because I still have my follow-up dental appointment scheduled tomorrow - we're going to find out how they're going to handle my cracked molar. Wish me luck.