02D05: Fake Friday

Thursday - Sausages

A relatively simple request at work resulted in a very frustrating customer service interaction with Adobe as one of the low points of my day. I'm normally pretty patient with customer service reps as I find that being calm is more effective than being irrational or emotional. But the level of stupidity I was encountering with these Adobe reps plus a history of bad interactions with this company in the past, I was really not maintaining my cool. I ended up interacting with some 4 agents before finally get escalated to a more senior one who has provided some degree of a resolution. The issue isn't officially closed yet and I'm expecting a callback with an update. 

What an end to my workweek. 

I don't have work tomorrow but Tobie does, so that doesn't quite open the door for fun possibilities. Plus we don't have firm gaming plans for Friday or Saturday, which is a little frustrating as well. Realistically, I'm going to spend part of tomorrow clearing some work stuff in order to save time for myself next week. But maybe I'll find time to clear some Transformers in order to make space for our newer board games. Our storage consideration is a sort of looming threat, especially since we had another board game arrive via FedEx today. 

As for tonight, Tobie may not be able to stay up too late given he still has work, but we can still squeeze in a game or two before bed. And like I said, we have no shortage of new games to learn given the circumstances.