02CEF: Mid-Week Break

Wednesday Sinigang

First, Happy birthday, Singapore! It's their National Day today, hence why we don't have work today. Mid-week holidays always feel weird, but it was still a welcome break.

I woke up early enough to nudge Tobie awake so he could get ready for work, then I went back to sleep. I thought I'd get up earlier than I did, but I totally didn't, and that's okay. And by the time I got up, I still managed to do both a mobility workout and some yoga, but in both cases, I stuck to milder stuff since my legs are still killing me from my workout last Monday. I'll probably need to stay chill again tomorrow then hopefully get to end the week on a high note with some weights work of some sort.

I was done with all that by noon but knew that I'd need to map out time to cook in time for the end of our intermittent fasting period. So I got to invest some time in reading some comic trades before cooking today's sinigang, and the reading helped me with my Goodreads logging, at the very least. 

As promised, I dedicated the afternoon to working on getting more of my O Bar videos processed and posted on YouTube. I had two nights' worth of videos to work through when I started and I only got to finish one in time for dinner. It's one of the rare times that I got to track the time needed for this sort of thing and working through nearly 30 videos took me about 3 hours. And in this case, I knew most of the songs already, so that saved me some time. I know I end up taking longer when the music is unfamiliar and Google can't immediately figure out tracks for me. 

Processing these videos requires a fair amount of time in three categories of activities. First, the actual YouTube setup, which includes the names of the performers, the songs, and the artists I need to credit, and all that technical stuff like hashtags in the description and tags attached to the video. Then there's preparing the thumbnail for the video, which means selecting a suitable image from the thousands I took that night and again adding the song title, the artist, and the performers. And finally, there's my effort to share it on social media - or at least Facebook and Twitter. Sharing the videos including re-listing the songs involved then tagging as many performers in the post as I can, although I either miss out on one or two here and there or I add folks who weren't in the group number. 

And that's why it takes at least 3 hours to process a full batch - probably closer to 4 when more of the songs are new and maybe more than 5 for big event numbers. 

With all that done, we watched the latest episode of Drag Race Philippines over dinner and now we'll try to squeeze in a new board game learning game before bed. It's back to work tomorrow, so we can't stay up too late.