02CF3: This Weekend's Gaming Explorations

Sunday - The Fuzzies

We played a lot of great games this weekend and we're certainly all the better for it. So let's go through what was on the table this time around.

For Friday night, we celebrated the first anniversary of a friend's entry into the hobby and played a lot of good stuff. We started with our usual trio of Fabled Fruit games, followed by Atiwa and finally a big Ark Nova session. We're pretty much at the end of the base Fruit cards, which is rather exciting as it's the end of a very fulfilling quasi-campaign. Atiwa is a new game that we're all still getting a hang of and its unique effort to demonstrate the value of bats in Ghana. And Ark Nova is Ark Nova and I still love the game despite how long it takes to play through. I'm not the best at adapting to weird results in the card market affecting my efforts at sticking to a strategy, but I'll keep playing the game for sure.

Our Saturday night gaming was a lot lighter and we got to try a number of games we don't have in our own collection just yet. The run-through includes the crazy Jenga-like The Fuzzies, the twisted Wordle game that is Fiction, Roll Player where it's all about character creation and little else, the Blade Runner-esque Inhuman Conditions, the analog platformer Megaland, the delightful flip-and-write that is Welcome To..., and two quick zany games to wrap up the night - Order Overload: Cafe and The Mind. The Fuzzies stands out as a game that I've been curious about ever since I watched the Shut Up and Sit Down review, but I've been apprehensive about getting it for ourselves since it does seem like a rather silly party game. But in practice, it's a lot of great fun and has a delightful table presence. Inhuman Condition is another game that we don't own (yet?) that was pretty interesting and quite tricky as a 2-player experience. Whether you're actually a robot or a human, it's difficult to convince your investigator that everything is okay.

Today we had our Horror on the Orient Express RPG session and I hadn't expected Milan to be such a dangerous place to be. Our characters are going to be in for a fair amount of trouble come next session as we deal with the cultists that turn out to maintain a very strong presence there.