02CF8: You Can't Wake Up If You Don't Fall Asleep

Friday - Sariwon Woo Samgyup

Today was a good work day. My whole platform launch seems to be going well and we saw a lot of user engagement today. I'm sure it's partially curiosity and first-day exploratory stuff, but I can work with this. I can build on this momentum because this is just one aspect of the platform and we have a LOT more to explore together as a team. Good stuff.

Over dinner, we finally got to watch Wes Anderson's Asteroid City and...I HAVE QUESTIONS?!? I am used to Anderson's movies being quirky and cerebral in different ways, but this one was definitely one of the harder movies to wrap my head around. But at the same time, I loved the meta-storytelling on multiple levels and how he clearly wanted to say something about acting and perhaps the events of recent years and many other things. 

In short: I loved the movie even though I know a lot of people won't. And that's okay.

Lastly, Tobie and I are seriously getting into Board Game Arena this week. As much as we love playing physical board games, BGA fulfills a particular niche of more efficient gaming. Big games like Tapestry clock in at around 2 hours typically but the BGA version can be squeezed into an hour. And that sort of freedom (plus no set up and clean up) means that we can rush a game right before bed and not lack sleep come the morning. 

And this also opens the doors to us still gaming even when we're physically apart (like tonight) without solely relying on games that have official apps.