02CFD: Almost Out of Soft Quarantine

Wednesday - Pizza Omelet

I miss eating firmer, hotter food, but I just have until tomorrow before I start shifting back to my normal eating habits. I should consider my mainly lugaw diet isn't that big of a deal, especially since I've had little to no pain coming from the extraction area and I haven't needed to use painkillers all day. In hindsight, I took some yesterday more out of precaution than need, so that's a credit to the dentist who handled the extraction.  

If anything, the only bonus is that I'm off keto and I've been indulging in cold desserts like ice cream and gelatin to support the coagulation efforts in my mouth.

Work was fairly busy from more of a behind-the-scenes perspective. I didn't have as many meetings nor was I chasing big client deadlines. Instead, I was working more on the projects I've been nursing in recent months including my current big implementation effort. Part of the work involves a lot of writing and coordinating with different departments, which can take a fair amount of effort. The other part is really about configuring and tinkering, which definitely play to my strengths - or at the very least my interests. 

Last update for today, the live-action Ahsoka series debuted today with a double-episode premiere and I'm sooo happy. Most should know that I'm a big fan of the Clone Wars and Rebels and I've been quite excited for this series but also a little scared it wouldn't live up to the hype of things. I felt it was a pretty good premiere and they did a lot to set up the overall mystery of the show - the need to find Grand Admiral Thrawn and hopefully Ezra Bridger as well. And as expected, a lot of the exciting bits from all the trailers and the preview featurettes came from the premiere episodes. And that just means we have even more stuff to look forward to in the episodes to come.