02CEC: Weekend Battery Drain

Sunday Chicken and Hummus Salad

Super tired today. Gaming all night on Friday followed by a play AND O Bar on Saturday has naturally resulted in a slower Sunday. Let's go through the rest of our weekend.

The 9 Works Theatrical production of tick, tick...BOOM! originally by Jonathan Larson (of RENT fame) was...interesting, to say the least. Prior to this, we had only seen a school production of the play at Ateneo many years back and that was pretty decent. So we figured that this would potentially be better since it's like a professional show with a budget and all that. And the show in itself was okay, but Tobie and I didn't necessarily agree with the director's very clear vision for the show. The actors were pretty good and very passionate about their roles, so props to them. The production itself, particularly its stage design and resulting blocking, was the bit we struggled with the most.

O Bar after was great. It was a special event celebrating Dee Dee Holliday and Bernie being on Drag Race Philippines, although it was a little ironic that their episode (as it's a two-part premiere) won't air until this Wednesday, which kind of steals some of the thunder. There was a decent crowd but I feel like things would have been a bit crazier had the episode already been out and thus would have gotten more people to be interested in going. At least it was a relatively comfortable Saturday (as far as Saturdays go), which made for a good experience for watching the show. I felt pretty tired by the time we went more - it was less about the alcohol and more about the lack of sleep from the Friday-Saturday gaming cycle.

I was tired enough to forget to put my Fitbit back on after post-O Bar showering, so that meant no sleep data for today. I also didn't really get to sleep in as much as I had hoped, but it was enough to keep me going today. Our main agenda item for today was our online Pendragon RPG session, and that was pretty fun. We're still breaking in our new characters for this generation of our game's march through history. I've gone from being a pseudo-Merlin character to being a young romantic knight who many be a little overconfident when it comes to his tourney skills. 

We probably need to sleep earlier to fully recover from last night's craziness. I somewhat regret all the crazy dancing I did, especially since I didn't exactly get a lot of Zone Minutes from the activity.  

Good luck with your respective Mondays, everyone.