02CEB: Geeky Weekend Warm-Up

Saturday Isle of Cats

Our Friday night game night went pretty well. We had our "regular" trio of Fabled Fruit game sessions as part of our efforts to go through all the cards in the game. Then we brought out Isle of Cats after an inadvertent 1+ year hiatus and it's still fun even if Tobie keeps winning. We dug up a game that has been with us for so long that it predates when I started tracking plays via BoardGameGeek - this being Say Bye to the Villains by Seiji Kanai, the quirky genius designer behind games like Love Letter. It's still as hard as ever and we didn't survive the villains this time around, but we'll see when we can try again. And then we ended the night with a game that we have never played before - the rather intimidating Carnegie. We've been working up the nerve to play this after going over different rules videos and it turns out that it's not as complicated as we had feared, but it is rather peculiar. It's still fun but not in a way any of us had quite expected.

We ended gaming pretty late so we tried to sleep in this morning. My body betrayed me as usual and got me up earlier than I would have liked, but it's just as well. I let Tobie sleep some more while I made progress with our current family book club title - Lessons in Chemistry. It's a lighter read versus some of our prior book club titles and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm sure that our first meeting to actually the book thus far will be quite fun indeed.

I forgot to highlight that today's plans don't just involve the Drag Race Philippines O Bar event, but also a local production of tick, tick...BOOM! that we're seeing tonight. The only other version of this Larsen show that we've gotten to see dates back to some Ateneo production many years ago, so it'll be interesting to see how a professional theater company will tackle the material. Plus my birthday month wouldn't be fully complete with the addition of some theater.

I hope you all have a good weekend, folks!