02CE9: Bits and Bobs, Ups and Downs

Thursday Pasta

The Internet is feeling rather sluggish today. And it's not like all sites slowing down - just particular ones. And that can be rather frustrating. So my Google-related stuff (including Blogger) are behaving normally but I can't see to make any progress with Canva for some reason. It just keeps loading and loading just when I want to prepare the cover image for this post. But by the time any of you will read this, I would have resolved my Canva issues by then, I would have figured out that the Canva mobile app was working just fine (on the same internet connection) while my desktop instance continued to load ad infinitum.

PLDT generally works, but it's been having odd hiccups like this here and there. It's like how for some time I wasn't able to upload media whether on desktop or mobile - the only surest way was to switch to my Globe mobile data to upload the image or whatever and then toggle back to PLDT WiFi after. Terribly annoying.

Work was good. I was able to kick off my new thing with the leaders and we have a rough plan for when we'll tell the rest of the company. I've ironed out some of the technical issues and I'll use the next week to continue to configure things so more of the platform is ready to roll once we get everyone activated and all that good stuff. I was just about ready to rush things for next week, but we can't quite rush significant changes like this. So in the meantime, patience. 

In much lighter news, we got to watch the "Subspace Rhapsody" musical episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds over dinner and it was absolutely delightful. We had been excited about this episode because musical episodes are fun, but somehow they managed to keep this as a very Star Trek story that happened to have musical elements. And it wasn't even a bottle episode - although I suppose you could argue that most Star Trek episodes that stay on the ship are practically bottle episodes. I'm sure a lot of folks are going to rag on it, but we enjoyed it a lot and I think it was quite clever to bring in a musical to resolve a lot of lingering character plots by forcing the characters to speak up. 

Strange New Worlds is a truly good show that still has long-running character plots but has found a way to celebrate the classic episodic approach. It's definitely one of my favorite iterations of Star Trek now and I hope they get the support they need to carry on.