02CF9: Solo Saturday

Saturday Sinigang

I had most of today alone since Tobie had an event that I opted not to attend. But I think I made pretty good use of the time. I started the morning with yoga and cleaning up the unit to some degree. I've worked on my steps throughout the day while reading at the same time (as usual).

My main activity for today was to work on my last batch of O Bar videos - which was good since it meant that I didn't take time away from shared time with Tobie (as usual). But it still took me the whole afternoon to get through all 29 videos from the last time we went to O Bar, which was a special event night for the Drag Race Philippines girls among the O Divas.

The other quirky source of entertainment was going through some of the DC Universe Animated movies I had missed. They're low-priority watching for us, so it wasn't a big deal for me to watch them on my own. And today I watched Batman: Bad Blood, Justice League vs Teen Titans, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and I ended by re-watching Batman and Harley Quinn. All were just okay movies and now feel all that memorable. But hey, it helped pass the time while I was going through the videos.

But hey, Tobie is home and we're going to play board games with friends all night, so that'll make up for my quiet time today.