02D01: Birthday Weekend Continued

Sunday - Kazunori Omakase Hotpot

We're less than a day away from my actual birthday and the weekend continues to be quite the fulfilling celebration. I'm glad that I'm taking tomorrow off (it's not a holiday for our work) as I foresee I'm going to need to catch up on proper sleep.

Last night, we made the trek over to the Linden Suites to meet up with the rest of the group for a good night of board games. The larger space provided unique opportunities to play particular games and we ended up with quite a number of games logged across multiple game tables. Our big group games for everyone included the ever-crazy Happy Salmon and an intense round of Secret Hitler. I got to participate in game sessions for Tapestry and Dune Imperium, and thankfully I managed to win both. Tobie facilitated an alternate table for other games like Atiwa, Hallertau, L.L.A.M.A., 6 nimmt!, and Order Overload: Cafe.

We probably could have pushed for one more game for the night, but we had other obligations for today and had to make time for that.

Today we made it ahead of time for our reservation at Kazunori for their lunch omakase session. It was a roughly 12-course menu that had included some modest substitutions in line with my request to reduce the carbs where possible. So I still had nagiri sushi in the mix, but we skipped some of the crackers under stuff and the chirashi don that Tobie still got. Overall, it was a rather nice meal and a pretty positive experience. It wasn't the fanciest restaurant and the staff could probably push themselves a bit in order to truly elevate the experience, but we still enjoyed it and may try it again for another special occasion. 

For the afternoon, we weren't quite content with our gaming from last night and ended up playing online sessions of Ark Nova and Tapestry on Board Game Arena, and then tried out our new physical copy of Disney Animated, which was a birthday gift from our gaming group. I managed to win both of our online games, but Tobie and I lost our first test of the cooperative Disney game. Facing Disney villains while trying to animate their movies is surprisingly challenging!

I'm feeling a little sleepy, but we gotta push a bit more as we're scheduled to continue the birthday celebrations at O Bar later tonight. Not that I feel fored or anything - this is exactly what I wanted to do tonight because part of celebrating my birthday needs to involve celebrating with our O Bar family of performers, staff, and friends. But maybe I'm just starting to feel my age a wee bit. 

We'll see how things go.