02CFF: Tooth Thoughts

Friday - Pork Chop Dinner

Today was a good eating day! I'm largely back on keto (until Sunday) and I was able to handle more solid food. To be fair, the experience is the same as before. I'm only chewing on the right side of my mouth still but now there's the added challenge of making sure food doesn't wander into the gap. And it is crazy how things move around in there when you're not paying attention. 

I still haven't experienced significant pain, although the area around the extraction does feel a little sensitive to cold water. It's a feeling similar to when you scald the upper part of your mouth after eating something very hot. So it's just a bit uncomfortable from time to time but nothing that calls painkillers. Other than that, I'm pretty okay.

The gap does freak me out a bit since I notice it randomly. The most common situation is when food starts to wander around my mouth. Surprisingly, I don't really notice it when brushing my teeth since I'm only lightly brushing over it and I just skip it like Mario running quickly over a gap. It's a different story when I'm brushing from the side because I'm still freaking out about it and I'm being extra careful as I brush that close to the area. One thing at a time.

But yeah, it looks like I'm still going to enjoy my birthday weekend despite this procedure. Not exactly a gift in itself but a blessing nonetheless.